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'GEMS 2' Student VIOLINS

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How to Play Intermediate and Advanced Level Violin

How to Play the Violin, for Advanced and Intermediate Level Playing Are you an advanced level violin player in need of expert musical guidance as well as instruments? In addition to high-quality Romanian violins and other stringed instruments, our Gliga USA Violins Shop is happy to be able to refer you to great teachers in your area. If you also want to buy a violin or other stringed instrument take a look at a Gliga professional Gama or a Maestro violin for advanced playing. Hand carved and oil varnished, they are crafted from the Carpathian spruce and flamed maple of the "Italian Valley" in the Transylvanian forests that characterize all Gliga instruments.

For all players learning how to play the violin is a lifelong pursuit even for those who make a professional career out of it. Gliga Violins USA provides high-quality double basses, violins, cellos, and violas for every level and age because students need a great sounding instrument as much as a professional. For professionals wanting something a little extra special, the Maestro Gliga advanced violin is personally signed by Romanian luthier Vasile Gliga and includes a Maker's Certificate of Authenticity. Like the beginner Gliga Genial, the Maestro and professional Gama instruments are made in a variety of sizes. If you're looking for a great sounding intermediate violin, the Gliga Gems series might be your perfect match. Both the Gems 1 and 2 are handmade in Gliga's workshop, are fully set-up and ready to play and include a Certificate of Quality. The Gems line is for advanced students of intermediate level violin and like beginners and professional types can be purchased in an instrument outfit which can include strings, case, bow, tailpiece, and more.

Like Gliga new violins, all Gliga accessories are made from the highest quality materials such as ebony and rosewood. If you're currently learning how to play the intermediate and advanced level violin and want a excellent Romanian stringed instrument or just a referral to a teacher don't hesitate to visit our ViolinsLover Shop online or contact us by email or phone. For teacher referrals just type in your zip code in our Find a Music Teacher search engine at the bottom of our home page. You can even join the ViolinsLover mailing list or if you know someone who is learning how to play the intermediate and advanced level violin sign up for a gift reminder to be emailed to you for their birthday or other special occasion. If at anytime during your online visit you have questions or concerns click on our live human box at the top left side of our site. Gliga Violins USA wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with every purchase!

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Our shop sells any quality level of violins for any playing level, from the best student violin for beginner to the professional fiddles made by the Romanian maker Gliga Vasile in Reghin, Romania.

Gliga Gems 2 violins are played in many famous orchestras around the world, and are well appreciated and recommended by music teachers and instructors.