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'GENIAL 1-Oil' Beginning VIOLINS

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Student and Beginner's Violins and Beginning Violin Lessons

Whether you are an adult or a child in need of a beginner's violin, our ViolinsLover Shop can provide you with the right size and quality stringed instrument. Browse our featured links by age and size to help determine which one is perfect for you. In addition to a student violin, we can also offer you a viola, cello, double bass, and essential accessories such as violin bows, cases, violin strings, tailpieces, shoulder rests, and music stands. Each picture you see depicted on our site is exactly how your instrument will look when you receive it.

A few words about the best beginner violin, how to buy your first violin, beginning violin lessons, and learning how to play the violin

College Student Beginning Violin Lessons in Need of a Beginner's ViolinYou have decided to learn how to play the violin and need a beginner's violin. This will be your very first violin and you realize the choice you make will have a great impact on your attitude towards playing and on your overall performance. No matter your motivation for beginning violin lessons, making the right decision when choosing a violin for beginner is probably the most important thing you need to consider.

Of course, you are familiar with the violin's sound and shape; you already know who your teacher is going to be; how many hours a day you are going to practice, and what kind of songs you want to play. However, when it comes to buying a violin you realize that purchasing a violin is not quite as easy as it seemed at first. You go online, search for the words beginner violin or violin for beginner, and Google returns thousands of results in less than one second. That is quite a large result set and all you need is one instrument. The more research you do the more confused you become. You thought that all beginning violins were the same and from your research you have learned that, at least from an aesthetic point of view, you are not far from the truth. All violins look the same. More than that, they are all made of the same species of wood: resonance spruce and flamed maple. Also, almost all sellers claim that the violins they sell are made in complete agreement with the MENC specifications, which logically ensures that, from a construction point of view, all violins are the same. Let's recap: same species of wood, same technological process, same design, but a completely different end product each time. How is this possible and what exactly makes the difference between all these violins? Why is buying a violin so difficult?

A violin is a very sophisticated entity, born as a result of a very laborious process. Violin making is both art and science. To what degree is it science and where does the art begin? Not at all easy to answer! We dedicated this page to beginning violins and violins for beginners, but the following facts describe all violins, regardless their quality level. There are over 200 stages that a simple piece of wood has to go through in order to become a violin. The violin is the newborn of a family of trees, having the violin maker with his touch and spirit as its godfather. Like trees and like people, each violin is unique. Science will explain the uniqueness of each violin very easily: wood is an anisotropic material, which means that it does not have the same properties in all directions. Also, the wood has unique and independent mechanical properties in the direction of the 3 perpendicular axes, longitudinal, radial, and tangential, which makes each centimeter of wood from the same trunk different than the next one, in all three directions. The sound produced by a piece of wood is affected by its dimensions, density, humidity content and mechanical properties. As a result, each piece of wood has its own unique acoustical properties, which will make each violin a unique entity.

Of course, the wood used at the construction of a violin for beginner differs from the wood used at the construction of a professional level instrument, because the two categories of players have a different sound performance perception, understanding, and need. It is a wise allocation of resources from both a practical and a financial perspective, because the quality of the wood dictates its cost, which will directly influence the price of the finished product. The best beginner violin will reflect a balance between quality and price without making any compromises. The Transylvanian forests of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains are one of the greatest sources of resonance spruce and maple in Europe and we have direct and easy access to this wood. This allows us to avoid any concession between price and quality, and to focus on the artistic side of violin making. But science does not end after selecting the wood that will deliver the best beginner violin. The artist will make use of science in building and finishing the violin with his artistic talent accompanying him along during the entire process. The degree to which the small details reach perfection is what makes the difference between two makers and in the end between two instruments.

Buying a violin has always been a difficult task, no doubt about that. We hope that our website will help you decide what and where to buy. Violin players at the beginning of their career and who are ready to buy their first violin usually choose a Genial 1 instrument. If you want to buy violin strings or any other accessories for your new violin, then we are happy to let you know that we have everything you need to learn how to play the violin.

If you would like a violin for a beginner with a vintage look, you may want to try our antiqued instruments with simulated aged finishes. All Gliga instruments are fashioned from the same Carpathian spruce and flamed maple that ancient Italian masters used for their now highly prized antique violins. After all, when you are beginning violin lessons you shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars to learn with a high-quality instrument, whether you need a violin for a child or a violin for an adult. Our fine Romanian violins/fiddles, violas, cellos, and double basses are used by professional players and sound as good (and sometimes even better) than an ancient instrument.

A Gliga Genial violin for a student is an affordable option that is hand carved and oil varnished using Carpathian resonance spruce and maple. The accessories including fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest are all made from the highest quality ebony and woods. So even if you are on a tight budget such as those needing a college student violin, you can still have a great sounding and looking instrument from Gliga Violins USA. This is because our master violin maker Vasile Gliga employs an ancient Romanian family tradition, which utilizes sophisticated and time-tested finishing techniques along with modern tools.

If you find that you need further assistance in selecting a suitable college student violin in our online ViolinsLover Shop simply click on the live human box for instant help and advice. If a person is not available you can call or email us at anytime you have questions. We understand that choosing a violin for a student or beginner can sometimes be a little overwhelming especially when you aren't exactly sure what you should be looking for. That's why on all our Gliga instruments we offer a seven-day money back guarantee and seven-day trial period. Furthermore, we know when you are beginning violin lessons you are eager to get started. Our usually same day shipping won't make you have to wait weeks to receive your desired instrument. And if you're not already enrolled in beginning violin lessons, simply enter your zip code and type of instrument in our Find A Music Teacher search on our site to get connected with teachers in your area. Giving the gift of music is our primary mission at Gliga Violins USA!

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Our shop sells any quality level of violins for any playing level, from the best student violin for beginner to the professional fiddles made by the Romanian maker Gliga Vasile in Reghin, Romania.

Gliga Genial 1-Oil violins are played in many famous orchestras around the world, and are well appreciated and recommended by music teachers and instructors.