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Contemporary Master Virtuoso Violin Maker - The Secret behind the Best Sound of a Gliga Maestro Modern Violin

Contemporary Master Virtuoso Modern Violin Maker and his Best Sounding Maestro Violins There are four ingredients that are essentially needed in order to create a good sounding violin: excellent wood, superior workmanship, first-class finishing materials, and an immense amount of passion. Nobody could ever say which ingredient has a greater importance in the creation process or on the quality of the finished products, but one thing is clear: Gliga maestro violins have them all. From his workshops in Reghin, Romania, master violin maker Vasile Gliga handcrafts high quality violins, double basses, violas, and cellos in an ancient Romanian family tradition, which utilizes sophisticated and time-tested finishing techniques along with modern tools.

There is a subtle relationship between a master violin, the tree that provided the wood used to make it, the climatic and atmospheric conditions that existed during the tree's lifetime, as well as the soil's chemical composition where the tree grew. The best sounding violins are made of resonance wood that comes from spruce trees that are between 150 and 200 years old. The master violin makers recognize these trees by their perfect rectitude, their fine thin crust, and lack of any resin run-offs. Romania is known worldwide for its wonderful forests and high quality resonance spruce and maple. Famous Italian makers of antique violins have quickly discovered this place and made the Romanian forests one of their first choices in wood suppliers. This is why the forests around the place where Gliga developed his art in violin making are known as "the Italian's Valley."

The remarkable aesthetic value of a Gliga maestro violin is given by the beauty of the flamed maple. But the curly maple was not chosen for its exquisite visual appeal exclusively by this modern violin maker; this species of wood has special acoustic properties and it has proven over time to be the best choice to use in combination with the resonance spruce for delivering the best sounding violins. The resonance spruce that will deliver very good sounding violins grows way up in the mountains, at altitudes of over 1000 m. The trees must be situated on the Northern but sunny slopes, without strong winds, having relatively high humidity and profound soils; here the vegetation periods are extremely short, favoring little, constant, and very dense annual growth of around 1 mm per year. The wood formed in such conditions is homogenous from the point of view of aesthetics and structure. The master violin maker knows that narrow annual rings would not only strengthen the violin but would increase the wood's density, which will make a big difference in the violin's tone and brilliance and create a superior tonal quality.

Modern violin maker Vasile Gliga produces his instruments in both the Guarneri and Stradivari violin styles with antiqued or non-antiqued finishes. In such close proximity to the "Italian Valley", violin maker Gliga's knowledge in violin construction has grown up around the characteristics of traditional woods used for high-quality ancient instrument production. Like the accomplished luthiers of the past, Gliga transmits the soul of these unique woods into every beginner and virtuoso violin, cello, viola, and double bass that he produces, making each instrument a one-of-a-kind personal expression of his passion for the craft. But unlike antique violins that command over-inflated prices, Gliga contemporary violin making offers the full range of instruments from beginner and student versions to maestro and professional versions to anyone who desires a highly-resonant and aesthetically beautiful instrument at down to earth prices.

In addition, the Gliga Group features high-quality accessories such as shoulder rests, bows, tailpieces, cases, strings, and music stands. Vasile Gliga is at the forefront of a musical instrument revolution that allows even musical professionals who require a concert violin the chance to own a great master violin without having to pay astronomical antique instrument prices. Musicians around the world have begun to recognize the benefit of purchasing modern instruments that provide a comparable sound with vintage models without spending one's life savings. Today, thanks to modern violin makers like Vasile Gliga, even a virtuoso violin can be obtained at an affordable and reasonable rate.

The ViolinsLover Shop is the online storefront for Gliga Violins USA distribution based in Pasadena, California and operated by the Gliga family. If you are looking for a contemporary master violin maker from which to purchase your next professional or maestro, beginner, or student stringed instrument you've come to the right place! At the ViolinsLover Shop you can make your order with confidence because Gliga Violins USA offers a 7-day money back guarantee and 7-day trial period and with every purchase. Bookmark this site so you can easily find us every time you are in need of contemporary virtuoso violin making.

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