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4/4 'GLIGA' Maestro VIOLINS

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Orchestra, Soloist, Concerto, and Concert Performance Violin

Concerto, Soloist, Orchestra, and Concert Performance Violin For a performance violin that sounds as beautiful as it looks, try a Gliga Romanian violin for much less than what you would pay for an antique instrument. For every age and experience level, a Gliga violin is well suited for different types of performances including orchestra, soloist violin, chamber ensemble and much more. Its warm and enchanting sound can make you quickly forget that you didn't spend a fortune for your concert violin. Imported directly from master luthier Vasile Gliga's workshops near the Transylvanian forests of the "Italian Valley", Gliga Violins USA is proud to be able to bring both amateur and professional musicians high-quality violas, cellos, violins, and double basses at a price that everyone can afford.

Gliga is internationally renowned for meticulously crafted Romanian stringed instruments handmade from the best flamed maple and Carpathian spruce, allowing any orchestra or soloist violin player to command a full range of sound. A Gliga violin can be cherished for many generations as its careful craftsmanship and perfectly seasoned woods will allow it to excellently mature over time. Along with your great sounding orchestra violin you can conveniently purchase an instrument outfit that can include a tailpiece, case, bow, extra strings, and more.

The remarkable aesthetic value of a Gliga maestro violin is given by the beauty of the flamed maple. But the curly maple was not chosen for its exquisite visual appeal exclusively by this modern violin maker; this species of wood has special acoustic properties and it has proven over time to be the best choice to use in combination with the resonance spruce for delivering the best sounding violins. The resonance spruce that will deliver very good sounding violins grows way up in the mountains, at altitudes of over 1000 m. The trees must be situated on the Northern but sunny slopes, without strong winds, having relatively high humidity and profound soils; here the vegetation periods are extremely short, favoring little, constant, and very dense annual growth of around 1 mm per year. The wood formed in such conditions is homogenous from the point of view of aesthetics and structure. The master violin maker knows that narrow annual rings would not only strengthen the violin but would increase the wood's density, which will make a big difference in the violin's tone and brilliance and create a superior tonal quality.

Every picture that you see on the ViolinsLover Shop's site is a true depiction of the instrument or accessory available. Get yourself or your child set up with everything it takes to play a violin concerto with the best of them! Even students and beginners need a high-quality instrument to get them started on the right road to successful musicianship. Now everyone can have a cello, double bass, violin, or viola that is as good as a professional orchestra, concert, or soloist performance violin when you shop with Gliga Violins USA!

We feature many creative options for those who desire a special kind of instrument such as an electric, left-handed, 5-string, antiqued or artistically designed violin with angels, butterflies, flowers, and much more. A violin concerto concert performance can be even more fun with an eye-catching violin. But you don't have to believe us, take a look at the testimonials on our ViolinsLover Shop site to get an idea of what musicians are saying about the Romanian stringed instruments handcrafted in Vasile Gliga's workshops. All kinds of musicians from professionals to students have found their Gliga instruments ideally suited for everything from violin concertos to country music. We want you to get the perfect instrument, so we give you a 7-day trial period and 7-day money back guarantee to ensure you get the instrument you need. Our first priority is giving you a gift of music that will last a lifetime.

Stained Antiqued 4/4 MAESTRO GLIGA Violin 'Guarneri'

$8.00 $0.00


$2,048.00 $1,781.00

Antiqued 4/4 MAESTRO GLIGA Violin

$2,158.00 $1,871.52

4/4 MAESTRO VASILE GLIGA Violin 'Italian'

$2,228.00 $1,936.95

Shiny Antiqued 4/4 MAESTRO GLIGA Violin

$2,278.00 $1,977.00

Stained Antiqued 4/4 MAESTRO GLIGA Violin

$2,228.00 $1,931.00

4/4 MAESTRO VASILE GLIGA Violin 'Guarnieri SUA'

$2,278.00 $1,981.52


$2,318.00 $2,011.52


$2,398.00 $2,081.52

4/4 MAESTRO VASILE GLIGA Left Handed Violin

$2,338.00 $2,028.02

Antiqued 4/4 MAESTRO GLIGA Left Handed Violin

$2,438.00 $2,117.02

4/4 MAESTRO VASILE GLIGA Violin - Copy of 'Amati 1572'

$6,748.00 $5,861.00

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GLIGA Violin Shop

Our shop sells any quality level of 4/4 violins for any playing level, from the best student violin for beginner to the professional fiddles made by the Romanian maker Gliga Vasile in Reghin, Romania.

Gliga Gliga violins are played in many famous orchestras around the world, and are well appreciated and recommended by music teachers and instructors.