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    • Cristian Gliga

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    Welcome to ViolinsLover Shop! You have found the Gliga Violins USA musical stringed instruments violin shop. Our mission is to bring you the best Romanian stringed instruments from the master craftsman Vasile Gliga at an affordable price. We feature high-quality violins, fiddles, violas, cellos, and double basses along with handcrafted accessories. All of our instruments are available for various skill levels and age groups from small size violins for children to specialty instruments for adults.

    We carry hand carved Romanian violins, fiddles, violas, cellos, and double-basses in the workshop of the famous master violin maker Vasile Gliga, the luthier known worldwide as Stradivarius of Romania.

    Whether you need a small, or an adult size of a high quality and affordable violin, fiddle, viola, cello, or double-bass, we have it handmade in multiple patterns and quality levels: Master, Maestro, Concert, Professional, Soloist, Advanced, Apprentice, Workshop, Beginning Student, Beginner, and School.