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Click the links below to choose a 4/4 Violin by QUALITY or PRICE

Small and Full Size 4/4 Violins for Adult Players

Violins for Adult Players: Full Size 4/4 and Other Small Sizes Welcome to the ViolinsLover Shop of Gliga Violins USA ! If you want a contemporary 4/4 violin, cello, viola, or double-bass fashioned from the same Carpathian spruce and flamed maple from the "Italian Valley" of the Transylvanian forests that the great Italian masters used for their now highly-prized antique violins, you've come to the right place. Gliga Violins also offers a small size violin for both children and adults. Just look up your size or age under the links for the type of instrument you desire and then click on an instrument by quality or price to browse everything we have available within your selection. Whether you are looking for a violin for an adult player or child, if at anytime you have questions or concerns use our live online help option or email or phone us and we will be glad to assist you. All of our instruments come with a seven-day trial period and a seven-day satisfaction guarantee with full refund minus the cost of shipping and insurance if your purchase is not perfect for you.

A full size violin is usually best for those twelve years and older and accommodates the full range of player levels from beginner/student to professional and advanced level violin with a range of prices depending upon the quality of the instrument. Master violin maker Vasile Gliga crafts most of his full size 4/4 adult violins in either the Guarneri or Stradivari style. Guarneri violins are bigger bodied with a more powerful sound that many find great for producing country music. Strad violins replicate the design of the famous luthier's golden age of violin making around 1715, which most people prefer for playing classical music.

For those wanting a small size violin our website features sizes from the 7/8 down to 1/32 models crafted from the same Carpathian resonance spruce and flamed maple and attention to craftsmanship and quality for which the traditional size Romanian violins are renowned. Also like the full size 4/4 adult violins, all of the instruments are fully set-up, ready to play, and come with a certificate of quality. Every instrument depicted on the ViolinsLover Shop site is shown exactly as the buyer will receive them. In addition to small size or full size violins feel free to shop with us for important high-quality accessories like bows, cases, strings, tailpieces, shoulder rests, and music stands. To fit your fancy you can also find unique wooden statues, 5-string, left-handed, pyrographed, fine rare art, artistic design, and electric instruments. When you buy a Gliga instrument, we seek to give you not just a violin, cello, viola, or double bass but the gift of music!

Choosing between a Stradivari and a Guarneri Violin

Gliga makes his 4/4 violins using either the Stradivari or the Guarneri design. Stradivari Violins replicate the shape and the dimensions of a particular violin that Antonio Stradivari made in 1715. The period between 1700 and 1720, principally around 1715, is often referred to as Stradivari's "golden age." These are the times when Stradivari produced his greatest instruments and almost all contemporary luthiers try to reproduce his work from this period.

Gliga also makes Guarneri Violins. The Italian luthier Giuseppe Guarnerius del Gesu is also an important source of inspiration for contemporary luthiers. The Guarneri design is a little different than the Strad design. The violins made using a Guarneri design have a bigger body compared with the Strad Violins. As a consequence, the volume of air inside the instrument is bigger and the fibers of the wood vibrate stronger, producing a more powerful sound.

The sound produced by the two instruments is also different and each design fits a particular music style. Guarneri violins are a better choice for country music, while Stradivari violins are preferred for classical music.

Another characteristic that differentiate the Stradivarius Violins from the Guarnerius Violins is the shape of the "F" holes. You can see this difference if you study carefully the top of a Guarneri and that of a Strad violin, like in the pictures below.

Guarneri Violin            Stradivari Violin
Stradivarius Violin

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Our shop sells any quality level of 4/4 violins for any playing level, from the best student violin for beginner to the professional fiddles made by the Romanian maker Gliga Vasile in Reghin, Romania.

Gliga violins are played in many famous orchestras around the world, and are well appreciated and recommended by music teachers and instructors.